Aqua yoga is low impact aquatic exercise where yoga poses are performed in the water. Aqua yoga helps combine the benefits of both yoga and properties of water to strengthen the immune system and aid in blood circulation. Practitioners get an increased sense of well being, renewed energy, and significant relief from stress.

Medical studies also further reinforce the benefits of yoga and aquatic therapy. Sharon Kolasinski, MD, a teacher of medical medication and a rheumatologist at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia studied the impacts of yoga on individuals with knee osteoarthritis (OA) and reported substantial decreases in discomfort and enhancement in physical function, in addition to improvements in joint stiffness. Subhadra Evans, PhD, a scientist at the University of California at L.A Medical Center performed a research study on a group with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), Evans was impressed by yoga’s rejuvenating ability to increase daily energy after seeing the survey and interview results.

Medical research suggests that warm water therapy can be especially helpful to patients with disorders such as arthritis. Practicing yoga in the water is particularly beneficial to medical conditions affecting joints because the natural buoyancy of water reduces the amount of weight bearing pressure by as much as 90%. Water buoyancy lets joints heal while the warm water improves flexibility and blood circulation. Even patients suffering spinal injuries can enjoy pain relief in ways that are impossible to do on land. Aqua yoga helps patients with balance issues fearlessly hold poses with little difficulty as they take advantage of the buoyancy and support of the water.

Here’s some videos on Aqua Yoga poses you can consider:

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