Aqua Yoga Benefits For Arthritis

Aqua yoga is low impact aquatic exercise where yoga poses are performed in the water. Aqua yoga helps combine the benefits of both yoga and properties of water to strengthen the immune system and aid in blood circulation. Practitioners get an increased sense of well being, renewed energy, and significant relief from stress.

Medical studies also further reinforce the benefits of yoga and aquatic therapy. Sharon Kolasinski, MD, a teacher of medical medication and a rheumatologist at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia studied the impacts of yoga on individuals with knee osteoarthritis (OA) and reported substantial decreases in discomfort and enhancement in physical function, in addition to improvements in joint stiffness. Subhadra Evans, PhD, a scientist at the University of California at L.A Medical Center performed a research study on a group with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), Evans was impressed by yoga’s rejuvenating ability to increase daily energy after seeing the survey and interview results.

Medical research suggests that warm water therapy can be especially helpful to patients with disorders such as arthritis. Practicing yoga in the water is particularly beneficial to medical conditions affecting joints because the natural buoyancy of water reduces the amount of weight bearing pressure by as much as 90%. Water buoyancy lets joints heal while the warm water improves flexibility and blood circulation. Even patients suffering spinal injuries can enjoy pain relief in ways that are impossible to do on land. Aqua yoga helps patients with balance issues fearlessly hold poses with little difficulty as they take advantage of the buoyancy and support of the water.

Here’s some videos on Aqua Yoga poses you can consider:

Uses of Swimming Pool for Yoga and Therapy!


The summer is approaching and many people are joining swimming pools for learning swimming or bringing their kids to learn swimming. Swimming is the best form of exercise and it is always suggested that you should learn it from experts. Learning swimming in the proper way and learning all the strokes helps you to be an expert swimmer. Swimming is a complete body workout where many muscle groups are used and therefore, you can lose weight if you are swimming for at least one hour daily. However a swimming pool can be used not as a coaching center from swimming but it can be used for water treatments for many patients suffering from many ailments. At our club, you will be able to experience the uses of the swimming pool for yoga and therapy.

The swimming pool can be used for following activities

  • Water Yoga

Water Yoga is a form of yoga which is not very popular as of now, but it is gaining popularity for many reasons. Water yoga is not as structured and planned as the actual Yoga but it uses some of the Yoga poses in water to gain maximum benefits for particular ailments. Water Yoga can be considered as an alternative rehabilitative therapy for many people. Doing soma Asana in water may offer you better benefit without adversely affecting your body. You can do some of the following exercises in water Yoga under the supervision of an expert.

  1. Shavasana or floating
  2. Underwater meditation
  3. Deep breathing while being in water till your chin level.


  • Aqua therapy

Aqua therapy means doing some specific form of exercises in the swimming pool under the supervision of an expert who is specifically trained in this therapy. The water provides a different form of resistance when you work out in the water and this type of resistance offers many benefits as a rehabilitation therapy. These exercises can help to release the pain in muscle and joints without making you feel tired and sweaty. There are fewer chances of an injury when you are doing these exercises in the water. This therapy can be really helpful for kids with Cerebral Palsy as it can help improve their physical control. We also offer the aqua aerobics which is another type of aerobics for people who want to lose weight. This offers the best cardiovascular exercise because when your body is working out under water, the heart is able to pump more blood as compared to the workout on the ground.

Our club offers the services of expert coaches and trained therapists so that the members can get relief from various ailments and physical problems they are suffering from. As the chances of injury in water therapy or water exercise are minimum; they are getting popular. Using our swimming pool for yoga and therapy has turned out a very good decision as many people have benefitted from it till now. You will be able to exercise and undergo therapy in a clean and hygienic pool so that you need not worry about other water related problems.

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We offer the swimming pool of the club for various therapies and water yoga. The members will be able to learn not only swimming but they can learn various other exercises from the therapies and Yoga teachers which can help them recover from many problems related muscles, joints and heart.